AppearanceReddish yellow , Clear liquid.Pale yellow, Clear, liquidPale yellow, Clear, liquid
Relative density @ 30°C0.922-0.9350.922-0.9350.922-0.935
Refractive index @ 40°C1.473-1.4781.473-1.4781.473-1.478
Viscosity on Brookfeild
@ 20° C
1.8 – 2.0 Poise1.7 – 2.0 Poise1.6 – 1.9 Poise
Acid value6.00 Max.5.00 Max.4.00 Max.
Iodine value(Wijs)127 Min.127 Min.128 Min.
Hydroxyl value25 Max.23 Max.22 Max.
Saponification value192-200192-200192-200
Colour, Gardner8 G Max.7 G Max.4 G Max.
Colour, Lovibond
1”cell (Y+5R)
40 Unit Max.15 Unit Max.10 Unit Max
Note :- The product can also be supplied as per specifications provided by the client’s

Packing & Marking :- As per client’s requirements.