We provide high quality Bromine Compounds formulated precisely with pure compounds as per the standards of the industry. Our products being highly qualitative and very reliable and lucrative we have huge demand in the market.

Sr. No.ProductCAS #
1Acetyl Bromide506-96-7
2Ethylene di bromide106-93-4
3Benzyl Bromide100-39-0
4Allyl Bromide106-95-6
65 Bromophthalide64169-34-2
75 Cyanophthalide82104-74-3
82 Bromoethane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt *4263-52-9
9Ethyl Bromide74-96-4
10N- Butyl Bromide109-65-9
11N- Propyl Bromide106-94-5
12Isopropyl Bromide75-26-3
13Bromo Benzene108-86-1
141,3-Dibromo – 5,5-dimethylhydantoin77-48-5
15Propionyl Bromide **598-22-1
16Bromo Acetyl Bromide **598-21-0
17Iso Butyl Bromide **78-77-3
18M-Bromo Nitro Benzene585-79-5
19M – Bromom Aniline591-19-5
203- Bromo anisole2398-27-0
214-Bromo anisole104-92-7
22Para Bromo Phenol **106-41-2
23Pyridine Hydrobromide18820-82-1
24Phosphorus Oxybromide7787-70-4
251,3 Dibromo Propane109-64-8
264 Bromo Toluene106-38-7
271,4 Dibromo butane110-52-1
28Phosphorus Tribromide7789-60-8
29Tetra Bromo Phthalic Anhydride632-79-1
30Ortho bromo benzoic acid88-65-3
311 Bromo Pentane110-53-2
32Methyl Bromide (With / Without Chloropicrin)74-83-9
33Ortho Bomo Benzonitrile2042-37-7
34Para Bromo Benzo Nitrile623-00-7
352 Bromopropionic Acid598-72-1
361 Bromo 3 Chloro Propane109-70-6
37Sodium Bromide7647-15-6
38Potassium Bromide7758-02-3
39Ammonium Bromide12124-97-9