Characteristics:A clear , almost colourless or slightly yellow, viscid liquid, odour very slight and characteristic, taste at first bland ,but afterward slightly acrid.
Soluble in chloroform and in ether; slightly soluble in light petroleum; miscible with glacial acetic acid and ethanol (96 %)
Acid value:Not more than 2.0
Hydroxyl value:Not less than 150
Iodine value:82 to 90 (Iodine monochloride method)
Light Absorption:Absorbance of a 1 % w/v solution in ethanol (96 %) at the maximum at 268 to 270 nm, not more than 1.0
Optical rotation:+ 3.5° to + 6.0°
Peroxide value:Not more than 5.0
Refractive index:1.477 to 1.481
Relative density:0.952 to 0.965
Saponification value:176 to 187
Unsaponifible matter:Not more than 0.8% w/w.
Foreign fatty substances:
  1. A mixture of 2 ml of the oil and 8 ml of ethanol (96%) is clear
  2. Shake 10 ml with 20 ml of petroleum spirit(boiling range, 60°C to 80°C)and allow to separate;the volume of the lower layer is not less than 16.0 ml
Water:Not more than 0.3 percent
Note :- The product can also be supplied as per specifications provided by the client’s

Packing & Marking :- As per client’s requirements.